Memories of Hawaii

A deep appreciation for nature, and a never-ending infatuation with the phenomenal beauty of nature's subtle moments have been the inspiration for the artwork of Jerry Sauls.

A lifelong resident of the Southeastern United States, Jerry has traveled extensively, with each adventure providing everlasting memories which motivate and influence his work.  His paintings depict the grandeur of our world through an intelligent eye and masterful brush.

"As I see it, the challenge to me as an artist, is not only to paint nature in all her glory and diversity, but also to capture the emotion a scene evokes and incorporate that emotion into the mixing of paint on my palette and into my brushstrokes as the paint is applied to the canvas.  Detail, color and texture  are as important to my work, as light and the elements are to nature."

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In my experience, people who buy original art view an art purchase as a tangible investment; similar to fine jewelry, rare coins, antiques, precious metals, etc.  When compared to owning stocks, bonds, annuities, etc., an investment in fine art offers something that you can see, touch and enjoy every day.

Owners of fine art works, understand and appreciate the effort involved in the process of planning, composing and completing each piece. As an investor they should be able to expect the value of their purchase to increase with time and one day become a part of their legacy.  As a Professional Artist, it is my responsibility to ensure that this is, in fact, the case for my customers.


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