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My 'Allure of Alaska' series is the product of a visit to Alaska and the Yukon Territory of Northwest Canada in May of 2008.  I expected the natural beauty of the land and the interesting wildlife. What surprised me was the vastness of the interior. It truly is the "Last Frontier" and seems to go on forever.  I also learned much about the history of the area and the people that helped to shape it.

I'm unsure about how many paintings the series will include, but as each is completed, I will add the image to this page.  If interested, check back occasionally, or e-mail me and I will add your address to my notifications  list.

"Frontier Spring"

Original Oil on Canvas - 24" x 36" - $2100.00

"Frontier Spring" To me, depicts the best of the unspoiled wilderness of Alaska and the Yukon Territory.  It is a compilation of the many landscape highlights seen throughout the area during the early spring season in this region of North America.  

I can almost feel the crisp, cool air and sense the smell of the fresh growth of the spruce trees.  The clear blue sky with a trace of cirrus clouds meeting the jagged edges of the towering mountains.  The foothills, with their new spring color from the budding trees, serve as a funnel for the runoff from the melting snow.  The glass-like water, combined with the golden ground cover, finally free from the long winter freeze, creates a marsh-like appearance of unique colors.  The stunning white bark of the Aspen and Birch trees completes the composition.

"Bears of Denali" tells a familiar story of the wildlife and the incredible wilderness that is Alaska's Denali National Park.  With plant life severely limited by permafrost (permanently frozen subsoil), the landscape is visually transformed into this amazing expansive tundra.

In my painting, a familiar trek for the Mother Grizzly and her three cubs, on this day is more annoying than normal to the Mother.  She, anxious to get the family fed, is interested in getting down to her favorite fishing spot.  On the other hand, the kids, led by one particular instigator (on hind legs), seem more interested in agitating the other two to the point that the trip has already been delayed by several aggressive wrestling matches.

"Bears of Denali"

Original Oil on Canvas - 24" x 36" - $2100.00

"Glacier Bay Awakening"

Original Oil on Canvas - 24" x 36" - $2100.00

Of all the beautiful sites seen during my visit to Alaska, I would have to say that Glacier Bay exceeded expectations more than any other.  It was a panoramic explosion of natural beauty and history that I think could challenge any other place on earth. 

The first view from your cabin verandah, although stunning, doesn't compare to the experience once you are on the ship's deck and take in the full impact of this wonder of nature. No matter which direction that you look, there are amazing sites to see and stories to be told.  From the huge chunks of blue ice from the calving glaciers crashing into the seafoam green water to the black bear playing along the shore.  From the humpback whale frolicking in the bay to the majestic golden eagle perched on a floating block of ice just enjoying the sun.  From the sculptured landscape carved by a glacier that has been retreating for thousands of years to the awe-inspiring affect of the morning sun on the towering alpine peaks.  Sites that I personally will never forget.    

"Ketchikan's Creek Street" Although overflowing with tourist attractions, the historic past and natural beauty of  "Alaska's First City" is well preserved, especially in the boardwalk buildings and rustic setting of Creek Street.  Ketchikan is located along the west shore of Revillagigedo Island on the Inside Passage shipping route.  It is still only accessible by air or sea and is a popular port of call for just about all cruise ship lines.  The town has a stellar reputation for  "embracing their visitors with exuberance". 

This painting was an extremely challenging project because of the assortment and varying shades of colors, both natural and from the unique architecture, that were enhanced by the heavy shadows and bright sun in the crystal blue sky.  

"Ketchikan's Creek Street"

Original Oil on Canvas - 24" x 36" - $2100.00

"Seasons of The Great Land"

Original Oil on Canvas - 24" x 36" - $2100.00

The idea for this work was not taken altogether  from a single photo, but rather from my experience.

Only a few short months earlier, this scene, common in the interiors of Alaska and Northwestern Canada, would have presented a winter wonderland of glistening snow and ice.  Now, a lavish display of color enhanced by the bright sunlight, clear blue sky and shadows from the clouds, begins to emerge.  The snow is melting quickly. Only a trace remains at the lower elevations while the caps on the taller peaks will easily endure the chilly summer temperatures at the higher levels.  

"Alone Time" is the sixth in my "Allure of Alaska" series. This is a new friend I made while in Alaska (wish I could remember his name). He is an Alaskan Husky Sled Dog the highly valuable dog of choice for world-class dog sled racing sprint competition. The Alaskan Huskies are known for their ability to fulfill the demanding performance standards of dogsled racing. Husky breeders look for dogs with an instinctive desire to pull long and hard through the toughest conditions. I was most impressed with how all the dogs at the facility reacted when their handlers began to prepare their sled and harnesses. They immediately went from a state of peace and tranquility to total pandemonium in their anticipation of being selected to run.

The setting for my painting is along the Inside Passage between Ketchikan and Skagway. The beautiful mountains, rocks and water are enhanced by the bright light and heavy shadows from the early morning sun.

"Alone Time"

Original Oil on Canvas - 30" x 24" - $1600

"Kodiak" is the sixth in my "Allure of Alaska" series. The mighty Kodiak Bears are commonly believed to be the largest bear species in the world; often standing 10 feet tall and weighing more than 1,500 lbs.. They exclusively inhabit a cluster of islands (Kodiak), southwest of the main land mass of the state of Alaska. They have been isolated from other bears for about 12,000 years. Their large size can be attributed to the fact that they do not have any natural predators in the area and the vast food supply offered allows them to thrive. Due to the extreme cold weather where they live, hibernation is a necessary part of their survival skills. In my painting, this Kodiak is enjoying one of his favorite spots for just exploring, socializing with other bears or maybe looking for a bite to eat.


Original Oil on Canvas - 30" x 24" - $1600

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